the dark brown river

Monday, March 19, 2007

the conjuror of september 11th.

i am the conjuror of 11 september 2001.

i wanted to make a spectacular show.

as with all complex theatricals, the big ideas came first, and
the detail was fleshed out with the asistance of many others
as the plan developed.

the plan was to demolish the twin towers of the world trade
centre, on television. for this i needed two hi-jacked planes,
one to draw the television cameras to the scene. the other
to perform the second act live, when everyone was ready.

some of you have thought about the problems of putting on
such a show, but you are still some way from seeing how it
was done - and i am not going to reveal everything to you
at this stage, no, not even now.

when i asked for hi-jacked planes, they said 'no, too risky -
we are military men. we crave control. we hate reckless
and unpunctual amateurs, too scary, give us drones or
remote control or something we can practise and make
perfect. no arab amateurs, please.'

but i still needed planes. i needed planes to blame. the
hi-jackers and passengers must die, to cover our tracks
and to excite the fear and loathing of the people. i would
keep the passengers to a minimum, because i do not wish
unnecessary suffering. i am, however, immune to feeling
any remorse over necessary suffering . . . and some would
undoubtedly be necessary.

why start from boston ? maybe they had some connections
with security or at the airport in boston, but anyway they said
they would need half an hour at least to be sure of getting the
two planes in the air together, and to line up the shot. so it
made no difference starting from boston.

the planes had transponders. not all of the air traffic controllers,
naturally, were part of the show, some were 'in the audience' -
so we had to bluff them too. when you wanted to hide - you
turned the transponder off. when you wanted to leave a trail,
you left the transponder on - or got someone else to punch a
transponder with your number.

now there is no point in trying to follow a conjuror's every move.
he is trained and practised to dazzle you with speed and skill.
but there is a general rule for all shows - do not look where the
conjuror wants you to look.

- and where does the conjuror want you to look ? into a hole in
pennsylvania. i think that hole is empty.

who wanted to go to pennsylvania ? the hi-jackers ? that surely
was the way to get shot down, to be in the air for an unnecessary
hour after norad had awoken from its early morning exercises.
so what about the military ? if they were involved, they would
have the same objection - how would they explain an aircraft in
the air for an uninterrupted hour after the show had begun ? so
if it did not suit the hi-jackers and it did not suit the military, who
else is there to suit ?

there is the conjuror.

'flight 93' is no more than a hole in the ground in pennsylvania,
and a transponder track. easy. a hole in a disused coal mining
strip, a bang, and a transponder on a plane. what plane ?

you have had the idea sown in your minds, by a man in custody -
khalid sheikh mohammed - that flight 93 was en route to the
capitol. even that idea was hearsay. if the sheik was on the
television, i must have missed it . . . . so, did some torturer's
assistant repeat out loud what the sheik had said ?

so who flies west to hit a target in the city that they have just
departed from in the east ? no one.

if the conjuror says 'look west' - look east. even if that means
looking out to sea. out to sea where the fighter planes were
sent, by mistake . . .

suppose nothing much went west except the transponder code ?
suppose there is nothing in the hole in pennsylvania. suppose
a lot of stories about planes that land at cleveland and take off
again are more conjuring ? suppose delta 1989 flight that really
did land at cleveland is used as a smokescreen to make the
flight that does not go there seem more real ? suppose the 'slip
up' that the plane was shot down is more smokescreening. you
cannot 'trust' conjurors on any point. they are professional
deceivers, you cannot afford to take any point for granted.

crashed, or shot down ? landed or did not land ? the conjuror
happily lets you discuss a matter that cannot be resolved -
certainly not if the plane was never there in the first place.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

going liquid ?

going liquid ? 
in view of the president's move to fire generals and hire admirals, i fear that the neo-cons are intending to go liquid. (note : 'homeland security' is to protect them, from you) - 
the chinese leaders could use their stack of reserve dollars to buy farms in paraguay. after a limited nuclear war, southern hemisphere real estate could be where we see the next bubble. buy now - tasmania, tierra del fuego, wherever, before uncle samson pulls the house down . . .

Sunday, December 31, 2006

bill me.

happy new year.

saddam hussein has paid his account to humanity.

george bush continues to live on extended credit.

Monday, December 25, 2006

asymmetrical peace.

have we hanged the wrong man ? - o fallujah !

this war is being waged in a far off country.

you may have marched against the war on 15 february 2003, but then the war went ahead anyway, and so what more could you do ?

the course of this war has shown you a scattered and ill equipped resistance able to frustrate the most powerful military machine in history. the insurgents cannot win - but neither can they be beaten. does that sound familiar ?

this is called asymmetrical warfare.

the world needs peace. you think that there is nothing more that you can do, because you imagine that where the peace is needed is a far off country, but if you think that, you are starting to fall into the way of thinking of the regular armies, who ship supplies across oceans and mass thousands of men and tonnes of equipment all in one place. scattered and anonymous individuals can frustrate this. the battlefield is nowhere, and everywhere.

you think that you cannot bring about that peace - but look -

if there is a closed door between you and the distant possibility of peace, it is only the door of your own house. open it.

there may be little you can do - do it.

do something to frustrate the smoothly running military machine and the many companies that profit from war. do something to contradict the endless idiotic propaganda, and those who support it by their silence. you are scattered and ill equipped. mobilise greater moral indignation. just resist. say something.

all you need, to be effective, is the concept of an asymmetrical peace.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

irish moiled cattle.

let us talk about irish moiled cattle.

what are irish moiled cattle ?

'moiled' means bald, or hornless, in the irish language - 'maol.' they are a rare breed of red and white cattle with a white stripe down their back. they may have been the cattle of the vikings. they are hardy and thrifty cattle, and pre-date the modern continental breeds which came to ireland with intensive modern farming systems. even the shorthorn came in with improved crop rotations and winter fodder. cattle have been in many parts of ireland longer than fields. moiled cattle browse as well as graze. 'browse' means eat leaves, 'graze' means eat grass. so they are easily kept. googling will find you a photo . . .

in a situation where normal systems such as electricity supply broke down, or became intermittent and unreliable, moiled cattle would do well. to keep a few robust pre industrial animals should be an insurance policy against unlikely but not impossible armageddon. and even when the whole of this country is levelled and drained and has intensive animal housing built upon it - there will be places among the hills and bogs where land improvement is unprofitable or just impossible.

canute and katrina

there is an inevitability about the forces of nature, and about the forces of geopolitical reality.

we do that reality an injustice when we blame an individual for events that are on a catastrophic scale. hurricane katrina took such a toll because certain people reacted too slowly or too meanly ? o yeah ? i doubt it. rumsfeld lost asia ? no one is that powerful.

the much maligned king canute understood this. his famous foray to the beach was to demonstrate to fawning courtiers that there were limits to the power of royal command.

flea media

i am always sniping at george bush. i am in danger of joining the flea media.

what are the flea media ?

the flea media are those columnists and bloggers on the radical left, who appear to be savagely biting the big dog - but actually go along with him in the long run.

i am going to say less about george bush. a lame duck with fleas is not a pretty sight. let us instead, turn away . . .

Saturday, November 11, 2006

quack, quack, quack.

my impression of the result of the mid-term election is that 'daddy's men' are back in the back seat drivers' seat.

george bush is now a lame duck,
donald rumsfeld is a dead duck,
and dick cheney is a sitting duck.

quack, quack, quack in the quagmire.

Monday, November 06, 2006

a bad dream -

there is no snow falling this christmas. here the sky is clear and the stars are out, unlike in the northern hemisphere where the dirty skies are endlessly dulled by the nuclear winter.
a lone star seems to twinkle over a small wooden (temporary) ranch house, while giant construction cranes tower around the air base in the background. inside the ranch the clink of glass upon bottle and a drunken texan voice whooping and hollering. in the back bedroom the virgin condoleeza is delivered of a child, a boy. it is the longed for GEORGE WINSTON HITLER BUSH THE THIRD, cloned son of the last ever president of the united states, who is now the newly crowned commander-in-chief of paraguay.

it is the coming of the next boy-emperor of the world.