Thursday, September 30, 2004

adolph bush and sir anthony blair

march 2003
adolph bush and sir anthony blair,
baghdad, stalingrad, fox's lair,
more war, jack straw, general franks,
hearts and minds and yanks in tanks,
belfast, beirut, sarajevo,
white flags, body bags, off to the grave-o.
putin, saladin, and freedom fries,
spin, propaganda, and downright lies.
don't ever ask for the war to end,
dominate, liberate, bomb your friend.
don't ever ask what the war is for,
spasm and gasm and shock and awe.
sunnis and shias and hardline jews,
patriots, cruise, and b 52s,
non stop battle. rattle tattle. sky news.
oil wells, bloody hells, finest hour -
full spectrum dominance -
when that turns sour,
some say peace is the sole superpower.


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