Wednesday, September 29, 2004

asymmetric cyberwar.

march 2003
there is an age old instinct, for men in particular, to challenge the alpha male on his home patch. this is not the most effective tactic in an age of netwar and loose networks of cyberwarriors. the task of the cyberwarrior is not to challenge the alpha males - government ministers, high court judges, editors of newspapers or controllers of television programmes - but to find ways around them. in the virtual world of the internet, the space is theoretically limitless. there is no need to challenge for physical territory, because there is none. the centre is nowhere, and everywhere. there are no strongpoints, citadels, hubs, bottlenecks or bunkers. the true internet guerrilla travels by the back lanes, and is never seen queueing up at the toll plaza on the motorway. he leaves the massed charge to the regulars of dad's army. the guerrilla moves independently but cooperatively in a virtual landscape where there are no authorities, no leaders, except those who inspire others. the true guerilla is as happy on another's website as on their own - and holds no permanent territory - thus she can never be dislodged.


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