Tuesday, October 26, 2004

goddesss unborn.

a previously unpublished incantation.


goddess unborn
trumpet unblown
touchstone untouched
name unknown
haven unreached
face unseen
chalice unfilled
uncrowned queen.

stone unturned
fire unburned
word unspoken
peace unbroken
flags unflown
harp unstrung
masses unsaid
praise unsung.
- heed to the toll
of bell not rung.

beckoned by the echo of a voiceless call -
crushed, crushed, in the ungathered crowd.

take up a task
that you dare not ask.
view what lies
behind your eyes.

turn in the dark
turn in the dark
turn in the dark.

tell what you learned
at truant school.
promise to keep
the unmade rule.
meet at the place
where all ways part.
pulseless wish
of unmade heart.

tears unshed.
unlit dawn
of unborn dead.
bones unearthed
of hosts unmet.
of a thing not yet.

silent scream
of the unafraid.
wings unfold
in egg unlaid.
tangled skein
of bald babe's hair.
hybrid spawn
of unmet pair.

now is the season
of the coming time
metrical reason
of unfinished. . .

rhyme unspoken
ring unbroken
thought untaken
mind forsaken
faith unfounded
fox unhounded
gone to ground
lost, and found.
plot untended
tale unended.

nearest farthest
same is other.
unsown harvest
virgin mother.

earth grows old
with tales untold.

age-old dream
of unborn race.
fleeting smile
on unformed face.

goddess unborn
goddess unborn.



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