Sunday, December 26, 2004

song of the county.


i did not intend
to take part -
but will not take long.
always the last to be asked
to sing my song.

i did not intend
to take part.
- never expected
to give you my heart,
that first bright day.
i just did not know
the way
things were going to go.

i had not intended
to stay,
just hang around for a while,
and be on my way.
i did not expect to commit to a place,
or a voice,
or a smile,
or a walk,
or a face.

much of a muchness
and more of the same -
my life did not vary.
i had not foreseen myself
deeply involved
with the town,
or the county -
parked, poor fool,
on a high wooden stool,
alone, like the christmas fairy.
right there,
at a pitch pine counter,
in liberty square,
in north tipperary.

no one foretold this day
except for the words of the song -
' it's a long way.'

it's a long way to where ?
- was it the road to you,
dark eyes,
and dark hair ?

o black cup of coffee
and cream
my waking up dream,
you are the best in the bar,
hot, sweet, and strong.
you are my favourite by far,
my cup of life,
my destiny, fate,
my song.

i was not invited,
and will not stay long.
no one asked me to sing,
no one asked me to play,
and i was not pressed to take part.
i am on my way.
i depart.

i take only the words of a song,

- and i leave you my heart.


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