Tuesday, July 19, 2005

a lazy day in september 01.

unidentified voice - 'mohammed, will we do it now, or after the coffee ?'

(no answer).

(air traffic control continues to monitor the flight flying westwards for another fifteen minutes.). . .

same day - sarasota elementary school.

andrew card, presidental aide - 'your coffee's going cold.' (later amended by white house spin doctors to 'america is under attack.')

(the president looks irritated but makes no reply.)

ari fleischer next holds up a card on which is written - 'don't say anything yet. i can make a fresh pot. it's no trouble. honest.'

same day - secure location on u s a f base, not far from washington d. c.

'they're on again sir. another one hi-jacked. that must be the third or fourth.'

(reply indistinct.)

'they sound quite excited, sir.'

'o.k. tell 'em we'll get back to 'em.'


"oh major -'

'sir ?'

'is that goddam kettle boiled yet ?'


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