Wednesday, July 06, 2005

the lusitania lecture.

it may be that i am one of those who have an internet
personality that is at odds with their everyday demeanor.

so this irritable, confrontational and hectoring lecturing
persona exists mostly in cyberspace, and would be
unrecognisable to the grannies in wheelchairs whom i
deal with in the course of the day -

i hope -

nevertheless -

this lecturing persona has something to say to you. we
live in extraordinary times in which things are happening
unlike anything that happened before. well almost unlike -

in 1915 the sinking of the lusitania off ireland had a major
effect upon the decision of america to join in the first world

the attack on pearl harbour had an even more direct effect
upon american public opinion and the decision to go into the
second world war.

and 9/11 has supplied the catalyst for the united states to
enter the third world war - or to those who number the cold
war and the collapse of the soviet system as the third one -
the fourth world war.

and to this sorry list we have to add a bogus event in the
rise to power of one of the neo conservatives' secret heroes -
the role of the bogus reichstag fire in the rise of adolf hitler.

when history is written, these events appear as political and
military events. other people write economic histories, about
keynes, the gold standard, and the 1929 great crash. but in
the unfolding of real history the economic and the political do
not divide as neatly into separate chapters as they seem to
in the text books written decades later.

i have for some time been troubled by the tendency to suggest
what amounts to overall global economic reform, as though this
could somehow take place in a political, military, and historical
vacuum - and without reference to the people now in power.

to avoid getting sidetracked by the personality of the front man -
( the man whom i personally believe is not actually formulating
policy but merely articulating, or inarticulating, modern style
propaganda known as 'spin') - we could just talk about 'power'
itself, or 'vested interests.' or we could adopt an acronym
for these - vested interests, currently entrenched - 'v i c e.'

to make any worthwhile contribution you have first to come to
terms with the utter ruthlessness of powermongers, and also with
a phenomenon known as 'the banality of evil.' you have to see
that if hitler were alive today, just as he was in the late1930s, but
armed with an overwhelming arsenal of nuclear weapons, and
with access to modern television and communications, - he
would most probably be coming across as quite a reasonable
sort of guy doing his best in difficult circumstances.

if you are buying the spin, the spin that 'v i c e' is on your side,
patriotic, god fearing, compassionate, visionary . . . then i despair
of you. if you have spent the weekend watching a line up of
white middle aged millionaires using the distressed condition
of africa as a way to sell more pink floyd albums and further
increase their own celebrity value, and swallowed that story whole -
. . . then i despair of you. if you believe that organic farming puts
food on the table without the expenditure of oil . . . then i despair
of you. and if you believe that steel-framed skyscrapers collapse
neatly as a result of intense large fires caused by aviation fuel, . . .
then i despair of you. if you believe that steel-framed skyscrapers
also collapse neatly as a result of small fires and totally unassisted
by aviation fuel, then i believe that you are either pulling my leg, or
are already in the pay of the agents of 'v i c e.'

perhaps your mind is beginning to form the words 'conspiracy theory'
to itself. if so, then use your computer to surf the current conspiracy
theories. is barbara olsen really still alive and in the south of
transformed by plastic surgery ? i despair of all that stuff too.

the conspiracy theories all point to the criminal guilt of the vested
interests currently entrenched. none that i have seen have any clue
as to where we should go from here. they are in some way as negative
and malevolent as the vested interests which form the subject of their

so we have the hard ruthlessness of the vested interests, ( and the
'american century' neo conservative think tanks form the peak of
that pyramid ) - and we have the good intentions of the gullible
people of the 'new age', harmlessly dissipated by the distraction of
a concert or two - and our hazardous path lies somewhere between.

i believe that the 'new age' is over, and i hope that the 'new world
order' will never succeed in its unfolding plan for a privately owned
global government.

this is july 2005. clap your hands to the tune of the middle aged
knights and millionaires on the one side, serenading the lying
mass murderers on the other. between these extremes, we
have to find another path, before history finds one for us.


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