Saturday, November 19, 2005

armageddon flu scam.

this must be nearly the perfect scam -

1 make a speech vowing to defend the nation against
natural or man made epidemics.

2 divert millions of dollars into research into (a) creating
a lethal flu, whether a novel or pre existing strain, and (b)
creating an effective antidote to the same.

3 buy shares in the companies likely to benefit from this.

4 now release the flu in an 'axis of evil' or rogue state.

5 now demand total united nations backed quarantine
of that state, effectively bankrupting it, more or less

6 make another speech announcing that intelligence
sources have intercepted a plan for 'suicide flu bombers'
to infiltrate the nation or one of her foreign allies.

7 offer the flu antidote to this nation (these nations) -

8 - at a price.

9 now release the flu yourself, having cleaned up on
the pharmaceutical share price. decimate those who
refuse to pay the price of protection. all those who have
either cooperated or received free vaccination are saved.
all enemies of the nation are wiped off the map.

10 repeat the dose, as required.


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