Saturday, November 26, 2005

geopolitics for dummies

we really need a text book - 'geopolitics for dummies.'

there are simple. if unwritten rules, in geopolitics -

in britain and america, and presumably in all democratically
organised countries, the first rule is that the levers of power
are largely the same for both outgoing government, and the
opposition, who are potentially the incoming government.
major potential political donors are also, to a large extent,
the same for both parties. bribes are only sure fire effective
for corporations who control both parties.

the second rule is that the crucial decisions for either group
of potential rulers should not be made prime issues in an
election, where they would be open to being resolved by the
masses, instead of by the informed elite.

thus, unless history develops a momentum of its own - (which
can happen) - you can take it that the 'issues' in an election
or the 'reasons' given for a war, are not the actual issues which
occupy the minds of the informed elite at that present moment,
or the reasons for which they are starting a war.

thirdly, the political mind does not do one thing for one reason -
the possible moves on the political or geopolitical chessboard
are each considered in the context of the whole game - not
for one reason, but, if possible, for all reasons. political questions
are open ended questions, not just narrow or academic questions.
political questions rarely have one narrow motive, or one answer.

to the political mind power is the ultimate currency. so the middle
east is not just crucial because oil makes internal combustion
engines work. it is crucial because oil's use, and the denial of its
use to others, is a lever of power. power is the gold standard of
the political classes, against which all actions are measured.

look at opium poppy cultivation. . .

heroin is bad.

the 'war on drugs' is good.

but if you are thinking geo-politically, afghanistan is central to the
asian landmass, heroin (opium poppy) cultivation is crucial to the
afghan 'warlords', thus heroin, like oil, is a lever of power in that
region. a lever that must be taken under control.

think morally - and poppy fields are bad.

think geopolitically - and you will begin to see why a gutless
little poodle like blair will go along with a revival of the heroin
trade. power is the only currency he values. power is the
only thing he respects. therefore poppy fields - good.

referring back to the second rule - do not expect to be asked
in a general election if you approve / disapprove of heroin.
you will almost certainly give the 'wrong' answer. as for the
attitude of the opposition - see the first rule, above.

if it is important, you will not be told. you will not be asked.

so, although you may not know the reasons for a particualr
war, by applying the geopolitical rules (above) you will know
that it is -
(a) all reasons.
(b) - other than the actual reason advertised.

got that ?

the players in the geopolitical game are seven, as follows.

1 supergangster. ( e g cheney, putin, kissinger, benedict 16.)
2 supergangstersidekick. ( e g libby, rove, card.)
3 wannabe gangster. ( e g blair, jose maria aznar, kerry.)
4 plain sidekick or kitchen cabinet. ( e g laura bush, alastair campbell,)
5 pathetic wannabe sidekicks, and patsies. ( eg oswald, geldof, bono.)
6 sucker victims. ( e g much of africa.)

7 irrelevent sidelined suckers - not in the game.

(you belong to category seven.) this also includes powerless
idealists, recreational moralists, and each nation's hairdressers
and taxi drivers - reputedly the only people who really know how
to run a country. (or one might assume, to hear them talking.)

sometimes the idealists become powerful and relevant. fine.
they then join one of the other six groups. . .

on the whole, group 7 contains some decent people. they like
to assume that their masters are similarly well motivated. thus
it is quite easy to sell them simple stories, for example that -

- oswald shot kennedy.
- pearl harbour was a surprise.
- the gulf of tonkin incident was another.
- two helicopters collided accidentally in the iranian desert on their
way to get carter the hostages (and thus the election.)
- a mad guy shot reagan.
- henry kissinger is a nobel peace prize winner.
- moderate fires can collapse steel framed skyscrapers.
- nineteen muslims, (at least six of whom later turned out to be
still alive ) planned and put into effect the 9/11 attacks.
- civilian aeroplane nosecones are strong enough to penetrate
three rings of buildings, concrete and specially reinforced.

but enough. you are beginning to get embarrassed, like the
decent person you are.

knowing that you find the crude realities of the geopolitical
and global financial games upsetting, the informed elite has
arranged, (by means of media manipulation, business
confidentiality, and national security classification), that
certain of the most glaring facts will be kept out of sight.
don't worry - far from being brutal - swiss and carribbean
bankers, bush sidekicks, and pentagon budget analysts, are
acutely sensitve to your finer feelings. they will do everything
they can to put you at your ease, even to the extent of telling
the occasional white lie.

oh, and i am only joking about the heroin. the war on drugs
will continue - do not fear - for 'as long as it takes.'

that will be just as soon as 30 percent of the afghans learn to
grow the barley for brewing 'miller genuine draft.'


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