Tuesday, November 01, 2005

high noon at the helipad.

both of the basic 9/11 theories are defective - look at them.

1 bush did not know -

the video of the reading lesson in sarasota school makes
this hard to swallow. bush would have shown a stronger
reaction, and at the very least been anxious to conclude
the event and get out of the room. he dawdled as if he was
establishing an alibi.

2 bush knew -

this is also unsatisfactory. if bush knew he would have
rehearsed a reaction. even if he had decided to pretend
to fail to take in the significance of the first strike - he would
surely have been able to put on a more 'presidential'
reaction to the second strike.

so both basic theories have flaws.

3 the line of thinking that i have suggested pursuing, in a
couple of former blog entries, is that something went wrong
or ran late on the day. for example - both muslim conspirators
or pentagon conspirators would have wanted the strikes
to come in rapid succession. the muslims would fear an
intervention by F16s. for the pentagon, the longer that the
failure to intercept went on, the more they would have to
face the embarrassing question later of 'where were the F16s ?'

in the sarasota video bush looks exactly like a man at an
airport when the monitor displays the 'flight delayed sign.'

4 a fourth line of approach is possible -

suppose that 9/11 is a pentagon conspiracy with bush left
partially outside of the loop ? not enough notice is taken of
possible threats to bush on 9/11. . .

(a) the pentagon strike was only yards from the helipad that
bush was scheduled to land at on 9/11 at noon.

(b) bush seemed unafraid to remain at the sarasota school.
if anything, reluctant to get out and on board his plane.

(c) in spite of this laid back attitude, a serious search was
made of all luggage before air force one took off. this delayed
the take off. thus bush was more suspicious of internal betrayal
than of being ambushed by fanatical muslim attackers.

(d) no fighters came to protect air force one - so either the
orders which stood down the F16s in new york and washington
affected the whole country . . . this could point to bush himself
(if in control), or cheney if bush was not in control . . . either that,
or bush was afraid of internal betrayal and did not even trust the
fighter escorts available to him.

so there are elements of the 9/11 situation that suggest that
- even if the events stemmed from a pentagon, or some other
internal, conspiracy - bush was in a difficult situation in respect
of other figures in his administration.

what else points to this ?

bush twice claims to have seen the first plane hit the north tower.
suppose that he did ? suppose for example that he got a 'feed'
of a camera relaying pictures of the first hit, from the cheney
or rumsfeld bunker ?

there would have been no point in repeating a statement that
made nonsense to the public, unless it was some kind of veiled
threat in a power confrontation with a conspirator. suppose that
bush retained a video recording of a small plane hitting the north
tower. its existence would prove that someone with access to the
president had set up such a cameras and sent the 'feed'.

likewise the clearly false story of a threat to air force one from
someone with knowledge of official codes. this too comes across
as a shot across the bows to some other conspirator. there was
a threat, not from hi-jackers, but from within the system. why
put out / let out this, when so much else was 'blank-walled' ?

this line of thinking goes further - but a hint will be sufficient
to people who have a knowledge of 9/11. think it through.

somewhere in the background of what happened on 9/11 there
are indications of an intense power struggle, coup, or averted
coup. this may have been the tension known to exist between
the pentagon and the state department, or something similar,
or connected. this tension is internal to the united states
administration, and so intense that at some points george
bush and his father, george bush senior, have been on different
sides of the argument.

* * * * *

george bush hung around on 9/11 - apparently unafraid of
further attacks from muslim extremists - but also apparently
not fully within the loop with regard to any internal conspiracy,
if the other line is followed.

his indecision is marked - and this indecision does not fit the
theory of an 'attack on america.' but nor does it look like a well
rehearsed conspiracy moving to plan.

either the morning of 9/11 produced a serious glitch in a complex
plan, or there was some confrontation or negotiation between the
insiders on that day.

a review of the targets on 9/11 is instructive. the helipad at which
bush was to land, later. a 'feint' towards the white house by the
plane / missile which hit the pentagon. the building WTC 7 in
which the CIA, FBI, and SEC, had offices.

if 9/11 had elements of an internal coup, several groups of people
got to look down the barrel of the gun. there was even a media
rumour of a car bomb at the state department. quite a few people
must have been unsure for a time, on that day, just who the target
list included.


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