Saturday, June 17, 2006

stupid questions.

i was reading the 500 questions about 9/11. i wanted to ask eleven more,
that are perhaps so stupid that they are hardly worth asking - but anyway -

1. who was expecting george bush to make a dash for air force one,
immediately ? who would be most put out when his team resolutely
stayed put when the news broke ?

2. against what eventuality were preparations made for a possible
introduction of martial law in the state of florida ?

3. who was the 'terrible pilot' and did the first attack hit the wrong tower ?

4. why would george bush be more concerned to have the baggage
searched before going on to air force one, than to protect himself against
the danger of coming under attack from further suicide planes from the air ?

5. whence came the threat or supposed threat to air force one ? how
and why did this story arise ? was there in-fighting going on ?

6. air force one is technically well equipped. is it capable of evading
its own fighter escort ? in what circumstances would it want to ?

7. who would gain, instantly, upon the demise of the president ?

8. what evidence or implications would arise from the existence of a
video recording monitoring the first attack, made from closed circuit
television in bush's car ? (if such a recording existed.) can television
feed be traced afterwards ? why hint at having seen the first attack ?

9. who failed to connect the president immediately to the centre of
operations, so that he could take charge ? if the president were out of
the loop for a vital hour, whose responsibility should it have been to
contact him ?

10. if the attack was made by nineteen muslims with boxcutters - what
is the relevance of flying to the offut air force base in nebraska ? if it
was for the purpose of sitting in the ultimate armageddon nintendo
nuclear video game seat - to impress whom ?

11. what kind of person would get so riled with pentagon bureaucracy
that they would announce 2.3 trillion dollars unaccounted for one day
and put a cruise missile into the accounts section the following day ?

these are not questions that expect answers, but questions meant to
stimulate other and further questions . . .


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