Sunday, October 22, 2006

the path to war.

tony blair's path to war was simply in support of
president bush.

blair hoped for two (shallow) benefits in return for
this -

1. an electoral 'falklands effect' similar to that
achieved by margaret thatcher.

2. to follow john major into the carlyle group - with
which the bush family have influence - and to tour
america (where he is popular), with cherie, after leaving

he also was cowed by the 9/11 events. it did not
take his experts long to work out, like the french
and germans and russians, that the official story of
9/11 was impossible. he baulked at the unpredictable
consequences of unmasking the perpetrators.

history will not be kind to mr blair. a bankrupt who
dithers about his legacy ? he has left his army up
the euphrates without a return ticket. bush and blair
took their foreign policy from karl rove and alistair
campbell. they didn't listen to the mutterings of their
own generals.

they should haul saddam hussein out of gaol, get
him a new uniform, dust him down, give him back
his medals, apologise, and ask him politely -

'how the hell do you run this country ?'


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