Tuesday, October 24, 2006

wake up pat kenny.

an e mail to the pat kenny show -

pat kenny :

tom clonan ducked your unexpected question about WTC7,
the third tower which fell on 9/11.

the following facts may be relevant :

the tenants of the collapsed WTC7 included offices of the
SEC - securities and exchange commission - the people who
investigate dodgy share dealings, and the FBI - who
investigate dodgy people in general.

the occupants of the section of the pentagon that was
hit by an explosion - alleged to be of a hi-jacked airliner -
included a large number of budget analysts, people who
keep track of military spending. they had been recently
and temporarily moved to the section that was hit.

in photographs released of the explosion at the pentagon,
the colour of the initial fireball is different from the colour
of the explosion of aircraft fuel seen at the south tower of the
world trade centre. be that as it may, the flight 77 aircraft
is missing, and the passenger list included naval and
pentagon personnel. this passenger list also included yet
another pentagon budget analyst, bryan jack, 48.

on the 10th of september, donald rumsfeld made a
speech in which he revealed that 2.3 trillion dollars, that
is $2,300,000,000,000., of the pentagon budget could
not be accounted for. this news was buried in the media,
understandably, by the following day's events.

$100 dollar bank notes weigh very little. it takes $100 million
dollars in such bills to amount to a tonne of paper. for those
who have difficulty visualising large numbers - if you assembled
this total discrepancy in $100 bills the pentagon had misplaced
twenty three thousand tonnes of money in the relevant period.

if you still don't know how much money that is - if you put such
a sum on deposit at two and a half per cent, the interest alone
would be a tonne and a half of hundred dollar bills, not per
year, but per day.

there was one other thing missing on 9/11. a 1933 'double
eagle', a coin of great value to collectors because almost
all that were minted were melted down again. the last
example sold made $5.9 million. one specimen was kept
in the treasury vaults of WTC7. the one in WTC7 was
removed to fort knox in july 2001.

pure gold melts at 1063 degrees centigrade.


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