Monday, December 25, 2006

asymmetrical peace.

have we hanged the wrong man ? - o fallujah !

this war is being waged in a far off country.

you may have marched against the war on 15 february 2003, but then the war went ahead anyway, and so what more could you do ?

the course of this war has shown you a scattered and ill equipped resistance able to frustrate the most powerful military machine in history. the insurgents cannot win - but neither can they be beaten. does that sound familiar ?

this is called asymmetrical warfare.

the world needs peace. you think that there is nothing more that you can do, because you imagine that where the peace is needed is a far off country, but if you think that, you are starting to fall into the way of thinking of the regular armies, who ship supplies across oceans and mass thousands of men and tonnes of equipment all in one place. scattered and anonymous individuals can frustrate this. the battlefield is nowhere, and everywhere.

you think that you cannot bring about that peace - but look -

if there is a closed door between you and the distant possibility of peace, it is only the door of your own house. open it.

there may be little you can do - do it.

do something to frustrate the smoothly running military machine and the many companies that profit from war. do something to contradict the endless idiotic propaganda, and those who support it by their silence. you are scattered and ill equipped. mobilise greater moral indignation. just resist. say something.

all you need, to be effective, is the concept of an asymmetrical peace.